Main features of our Systems

Whats Emazh System can do for you

Self Charging

By the self charging system you can access to non-stope flying 7/24.

Backup battery

Charging station with backup battery let you use the system safely and securely .

Always in touch

You can use to 5G,4G Or 2.5 & 5.8Ghz to communicate with the system .

artificial intelligence

Ai let to drones to shift the task to the reserve drone also helps to drones to detect and analyze , we call it 7th sense .

Different types of cameras

Modular Design

Modular design of drones let you chose best camera and stabilizer according the usage Thermal Camera , Super zoom, Vison Camera and 360 Camera is your eyes in the sky .

    • SP2199%

    • ROT175%

High range live view

Different communication ways let you stay connected to the drone , 5G , 4G , 2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz keep the connection between you and drone securely .

Auto follow

whether they are walking along a trail, driving a car, or even swimming in the ocean! While intelligently tracking the subject, the drone will use its vision and sensing systems to maintain safe flight, letting users focus more on.

True color tones

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Always ready to take off


Modular Design

drone play button

What we brings to you
Task Shiftable Drones

Founder & CEO

Siamak Sheikh Hasani

Chief Engineer

Mahdi Baniasadi

IT Manager

Mehrnoosh Touri

Marketing Mgr

Abbas Shirzad jalali

Executive Mgr

Mania Naghshineh